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We can even extend that challenge even to independent and foreign films.The night sex came back into fashion began with an invitation in a black leather envelope to a catwalk show in a former monastery.Sex (undefined) has become dominated and commodified by commerce and the law -- both of which are written formulations that have been devised by people in the ten millennia since agriculture, towns, and writing were invented.As soon as everything could be made into marketing, bookkeeping and religious institutions, as soon as sex could be codified and subjected to policing, sex became entirely different from what it was in the hunting/gathering days.Sex when desired has become the very definition of freedom, power, and survival.

In the past decades we’ve been slowly and sometimes secretly sifting the debris from Sixties experiments. The taboo against acting out bits of hippiedom -- like long hair, pot, free love or going nude -- has weakened, sometimes with bad results.

It may have been the moment sex appeal made its official Paris Fashion Week comeback, but the signs had been there a while.

Two weeks earlier in New York, Jeremy Scott's show was a love letter to sleazy Eighties Manhattan nightlife, all latex trench coats and T-shirts printed 'Rated X'.

Though the ERA has been reintroduced in every session of Congress since, it has never been able to get the support needed for it to pass.

penned an editorial in 1982 in response to the failure to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and many of the issues put forth by the editorial staff 34 years ago are still pressing matters in today's political climate.


Of course the drive to produce babies has to continue, and the same force can be transfigured into art, science, war and loving relationships, as well as tumultuous partnerships and rivalries as in “Game of Thrones.” It takes a whole lot more than conception, gestation, and delivery to produce a human being.

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