Nick jonas dating selena gomez confirmed by chris comic hazelton misfile updating

Posted by / 25-Dec-2017 08:27

Nick didn’t exactly deny his new relationship, as a matter of fact he all but confirmed it.Jonas dished, “I keep some things to myself,” the “Levels” singer said.

The star hit the headlines after being spotted on a series of dates with Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson in September.Justin Bieber was reportedly furious after Selena squashed their umpteenth reconciliation to hang out with Orlando Bloom.Since putting his Jonas Brothers days behind him, Nick Jonas has transformed himself into one of the hottest solo stars on the planet.“It’s a strange place where a little thing can turn into a lot, but it’s about how much of that you kind of want in your world and just living your life and knowing that people will have their opinion!” It’s safe to say that if Kate and Nick’s relationship was strictly platonic, he would have just said so, rather than beat around the bush and “keep things to himself.” Selena Gomez seems to be leaving a path of dating destruction everywhere she goes this summer.

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