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Black people in China regularly describe instances of prejudice, partly owing to China's overwhelming ethnic homogeneity and a lack of contact with black foreigners.Over the past year, China has seen an advertisement for laundry detergent that showed a black man ``washed'' into a fair-skinned Asian man and an Air China in-flight magazine that advised readers to take care in London when entering areas populated by black people.The Friday article in the New Yorker, "Trump Orders All White House Phones Covered in Tin Foil," was penned by humorist Andy Borowitz as part of his column, which offers satirical takes on real-world events.The New Yorker's Borowitz Report disclaimer -- "not the news" -- failed to dissuade Reference News, a paper published by China's state-run Xinhua news agency, from citing it in an article about Trump ordering aides Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway to wrap the White House phones in tin foil.There is scope for expansion, with Ma’s company raising million last year from a U. “It is not only a hook-up app any more, but also spreading knowledge about the community,” said Raymond Phang, an organizer of the annual Shanghai Pride celebrations.

The gay dating app has been a godsend for Hua, allowing the university student in the southern city of Guangzhou to privately contact Chinese men seeking same-sex companionship.As with other dating apps, users can scan profiles, chat privately with the potential Mr Right or hang out in a group chatroom. “That would be an even better way to show off China’s development than a big advertisement in Times Square,” said Ma, referring to New York’s most famous intersection.Blued quickly found favor with gay people, adding 15 million users in two years. LGBT activists in China say Blued has helped gay men develop a positive self-image and fight social prejudices that force homosexuals to stay anonymous.“Now I have a group of friends just like me to whom I can open my mind.” Blued is the brainchild of Ma Baoli, 36, a former policeman who quit his job to play Cupid to millions of gay men in China.The free Chinese-language app uses the GPS capability of users’ smartphones to identify nearby members.

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Homosexuality is not illegal in China, but remains a taboo subject in the world’s most populous country.

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