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Microsoft outlook updating cached headers

I host my own Exchange Server, so that’s my primary mailbox.I include multiple other mailboxes (such as my wife’s, my kids’, etc.).

Cached Exchange Mode enables a better experience when you use an Exchange account.

You must use the web form to submit spam if you use Outlook as your email client.

Web Form Submission Microsoft Outlook 97 may require an update called the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch in order to display the email headers AT ALL.

Follow these steps to compact the local cache file: NOTE: Outlook Connector includes the option “Download Headers Only” under the Send/Receive tab of the Outlook Connector Client configuration screen.

When this option is enabled, Outlook only downloads the information needed to show messages in the message list, and not the full content of each message.

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How can I configure it so that it will directly download the message in full without clicking on it first?