Dating someone with ms rory culkin dating 2016

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Dating someone with ms

Things like common interest groups, social sites, and dating sites can help you meet people with similar interests.

Online dating may be a way to get to know someone and feel comfortable with them before meeting in person.

Long story short..been chatting to an absolutely great guy on a dating website and have hit it off straight away.

He is lovely, and told me first off that he had MS, and I quote, "In case I wanted to do a runner". What he didn't know was that one of very good friends and godmother to my boys also has MS!

I don't have MS, but (without going into details here) have had huge battles in my personal life I've had to fight over the last four years or so.

There are a lot of different ways to meet people nowadays.

"Telling someone about your MS is a struggle for many reasons.

What does she need from me regarding her condition? Some MSers have minimal issues and lead a full active life, whilst others have severe problems with mobility and fatigue (and other hidden symptoms) I am lucky that I have a fiance so don't have to get back into the dating game again but I think if I was to start dating again my worries would be the pressure to be well all the time and not to disappoint the person I was dating. She said she still felt bad and that her legs and feet were numb. I think I completely threw her for a loop when I told her that I was studying up on MS.

So, I have a small idea of the disease that she has to live with. It's more about being in a relationship with someone who has MS. MS is a bit of a rollercoaster, there are good periods/bad periods, it is characterised as a progressive disease but what that progression entails is different for every person. I'll make sure I say that again during our next date so she knows that I won't be disappointed. So, I would say acknowledge the disease and be considerate of any special needs but then go on and enjoy yourselves. We discussed her cat for a little while then I asked how she was feeling.

I have spoken to her about it, but would appreciate the advice of others too. I'd love to meet him eventually of course, but I can tell that he is nervous about asking because of the MS.

He says women in the past have heard about his health issues and not wanted to become involved so I can see why he is anxious.

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When you're first getting to know someone, it's not a discussion that's pleasant or fun.

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