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Chris paul dating anyone

The heart of an alpha, stuck in the the body of a beta. In the grand scheme of things, however dumb the “ringzzzz” argument is, our NBA histories are piloted by narrative, which statistics can bend but not hijack.

Only tortured fan bases really remember the bad bounces and injuries and cruel quirks of fate that derailed the seasons they should have made it.

Nowadays there’s lots of techniques for measuring just how good an NBA player really is. In recent years the Clipper front office relied primarily on “D. C”, a complex and proprietary metric that produced rigorously-tested quantitative guidance for most of the team’s personnel moves.

There’s VORP, and PIE, and offensive and defensive net ratings.

As a pure free agent, Chris Paul didn’t like his options and that was understandable.

Paul could take the five years to commit to a Los Angeles Clippers’ team that had plateaued and lacked the means to get meaningfully better, or he could sign a four-year deal with a stripped down version of the Houston Rockets or San Antonio Spurs.

Grouping Leonard, Aldridge and Paul together may sound like a "Big Three" on paper, but what made the most prominent super groups so successful was how they fit together.

That wasn’t just one of the worst playoff losses ever, it’s the single-biggest basketball choke job I’ve ever witnessed in person. Oh, and he’s sixth in PER (25.7), third in assists per game, fifth in steals per game and first in offensive rating (123).

With Kobe hitting the 26th mile and the dopey Buss kids spreading their wings, for the first time, the Clippers had a chance to own Los Angeles. Nash Years 9–12: 17.5 ppg, 11.2 apg, 51/45/90% Nash Years 13–15: 15.6 ppg, 10.7 apg, 50/42/93% Nash Years 16–19: LAKERS FANS LOOK AWAY Again, the Clippers don’t have a choice. (They missed their window with that, too.) Eventually, CP3 will start breaking down — maybe Year 14, maybe Year 15, but it’s coming — and by 2020, paying Chris Paul million a year will look like Ballmer’s dumbest idea since Microsoft bought Skype. Maybe Friday night in Utah, with another season on the line, we’ll see Chris Paul actually earn it.

But if there’s a silver lining with Paul’s inevitable (and dangerous) 1 million extension this summer, it’s how the last few years of Nash’s career played out. Throw in HD televisions, streaming services, the second-screen generation, the secondary market and an overwhelming amount of content choices every night, and the question remains … Expect the Clippers to splurge on Blake and Chris, say all the right things, then shop Griffin starting in December. Some fans will worry about Ballmer moving their team to Seattle; others will wonder if it’s for the best. (Just wide-open teammates standing in the corners with their hands up.) Paul scores 28 points in a must-win game when his team needed 40 from him, only his offensive rating remained spectacular, so he remains our Point God.

Clipper fans have become more fluent in these measurements than most fan bases, and mostly not by choice.

Perhaps more than any other star tandem in NBA history, the “how good is that guy really tho?

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In a completely shocking and impressively creative move, Paul instead opted in to the final year of his contract to orchestrate a trade to the Rockets.

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