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16yr old dating

The website Healthy suggests a school night curfew of between 8 p.m. For instance, you might let her go out with a boy on a Friday or Saturday night, or you might allow her only one weeknight date per week.

The NYU Child Study Center also suggests that parents make rules about teens inviting dates over.

We have all the same interests, I look quite young and boyish for my age so that has probably contributed to it.

i really like this guy he is so sweet to me & says everything guys my age... I have been this this boy for a while & he just turned 20. we have been together for months but i wasnt supposed to date till i was 16 but i dated before then. I make straight A's and im going into the 10th grade im a cheerleader & get along with just about everyone. Guys is it weird for you to hear a 20 year old and a 16 year old?

you might want to do some reconsidering of your own maturity before you say that you're mature for your age.

you really need to ask yourself why he isn't dating someone his own age.

But if you know your daughter is dating him then the court will take that into consideration supposedly, personally I don't think a guy should get into trouble over that and lose his life. Everyone will really get in trouble if she ends up pregnant. And they couldn't possibly have anything in common unless he's a child himself...it's still illegal tho The age of consent law is full of clauses.

They can be 16 as long as the other person isn't over a certain age...i can't remember the exact number but its less than 23.

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Make it a rule that she must share information with you about her date before she goes out and that she must update you if plans change.

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